Measurement Visualization & Control Software n-quirer TT advanced for Tablet PC, Netbook, PC.

For usage in combination with all intelligent torque and Force Sensors from n-gineric


Functional Overview:

- Graph recordings of

- Torque vs. time

- Torque vs. angle

- Force vs. time

- Force vs. Displacement

- Speed vs. time

- Speed vs. angle

- Power vs. time

- Power vs. angle

- Automatic sensor identification

- Graph reading with up to 2,000 measurements per second

- Supports different physical units

- 2 control windows with internal or external triggering

- Adjustable low pass filter (10 to 500 Hz)

- Supports the loading of a reference graph for comparison

- Direct export of the graph readings into Excel

- Direct export of measurements results listing into Excel with SPC document template

- Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

- Direct sensor connectivity via USB or Ethernet

- Cursor function with values display

- 2nd fully configurable measurement display window

- Bar code reader support for repetitive measurements

- Connection of a second torque sensor for redundancy or combination of torque and clamp force sensors possible